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One、the huge market capacity, and sustained growth
1, the market capacity From the state development planning commission's official data as you can see, in our country to scale the number of hospitals with more than 5% of the growth is increasing year by year, as in November 2014, the number of hospitals around the country has reached 25509. At the same time, the staff number and the growth in the number of hospital beds, higher by the end of 2013, has reached 7.21 million and 6.182 million respectively. And according to the health development planning commission "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, by 2020, the country still need to more than 4000 new hospital, added more than 260 beds, medical staff of nearly 3 million people. In a 1000 - bed 3 armour hospital as an example, every year need to purchase the fabric in 2.5 million yuan of above; The purchasing amount more than $3 million for the first time a new hospital. Visible, whether it is currently in operation of the hospital, the new hospital or in the future five years, the number is very large, for medical textile industry, the market capacity is very large. 2, the user needs As hospitals pay more and more attention to improve patient satisfaction, and pursuit of medical staff of humanistic care, the demand for textile purchasing a rising trend, from the original low price to value the quality of the products more and more weight is given to the user's experience, from control the purchase cost to control the cost, provides the high quality for the suppliers of the products is very good. 3, competitive situation In the textile industry which has decades of history, but the overall lack of innovation, product upgrade slow, lack of innovation consciousness, the product profit is low, unable to increase input in terms of product upgrades, thus more and more cannot satisfy the needs of users. More than four, opportunity, such a huge market capacity, user demand grows, rivals to follow suit, opportunity to can with strength and innovation, customer thought, resources integration ability of the enterprise, hui. 5, small investment returns If you are engaged in the management of hospital related projects, will not feel: drug sales is being more and more strict management, high profit era has gone; Equipment sales faces competition is more and more powerful, can cancel the intermediate links at a low price to win orders, agents are slowly being abandoned by manufacturer; CD sales... Give up? Unwilling, impossible; To continue? More do more difficult, more does more pain. Suggest you well remit: cooperate with us, join in the distribution of medical textiles agent! Existing management mode, the existing sales channels, existing customer resources, and even existing sales team, very small investment can bring considerable returns, this will be your ideal profit growth point.
Tow, the fine product quality -- people-oriented, embarks from the customer needs
1, have medical textile products professional research and development center, support for different products of scientific research and development department. 2, fully research habits and needs of different user department, adhere to the people-centered design purpose, make products to provide users with real help. 
3, complete production system, the scientific control product quality, strictly implement the international quality standards, make each product are fine.

Three, profitable "money" scene -- sales profit and customer benefit and perfect balance
1, don't go well remit low-priced, we are committed to reduce the cost of the customer is sure to let partners to win greater profits and a better reputation. Performance is excellent, keep improving the production process of raw materials, reasonable design, practical function boon hui has always insisted on doing the most trusted medical textile brand! 
2, all textile products covers hospital project, with the overall image of the hospital comprehensive design ability, we are the best guarantee of hospital logistics.
3, innovation, research and development, overcome disadvantages existing materials, users pay more attention to product safety and comfort, and durability and beautiful degree, make really good products, to achieve the perfect balance of sales profits and customer interests.
4, good product will match process, product process control strictly, seiko spy. 
5, for users to create professional, authoritative, trustworthy professional image, and better benefits for the customer.