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Company profile
Fujian en hui medical health materials co., LTD is approved, founded on April 12, 2012. Business residence: thou farmland county big jia township industrial clusters. Land area of 13782 square meters, our company is engaged in medical clothing design, production and sales of professional firms, the main production: the doctor uniforms series, nursing series, surgical clothing series, cotton products, such as emergency clothing series, the operating room. Our company is a major manufacturer in fujian medical clothing, the company is committed to the r&d and production of high quality clothing products, and customer oriented, continuous innovation, make the product more specialization, diversification, according to different working environment, with practical, functional clothing, the company also carried out a professional factory with clothes, such as electronic, pharmaceutical, petrochemical industry, LCD, coating, aerospace, precision instruments, food, cosmetics production line of dust-free purification, clothing, garment, smock, super net, can according to industry. Brand positioning: positioning industry leading brand, focusing on brand of continuous operation and long-term development, is committed to the establishment of industry standards and the implementation. With continuous innovation as its mission, and strive to lead the industry to catch up with the international advanced level. Brand power: a medical professional textile products research and development center, support for different products of scientific research and development department. Senior industry experts and excellent designers design team, ensure that the product of originality and uniqueness. Product planning center, operations center (consists of production planning, quality management, warehousing logistics, after-sales service department), marketing center, retail sales, channel sales (marketing), hr, finance and administration departments in harmony, to promote the brand development at a high speed.

Product features
The company solemnly promises clothes never produced by using the following banned or restricted dyestuff and the fabrics of harmful substances, including: reduction can release suspected of carcinogenic aromatic amine under the condition of azo dyes. 2, carcinogenic dyes. 3, dye sensitization to. 4, chlorinated benzene and toluene chloride. 5, chlorine phenol. 6, formaldehyde (within limits). 7, heavy metals (within limits). 8, organic tin compounds. 9, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBS) derivatives. Suitable for industry, pharmaceutical, electronics, biological engineering, foodstuff, coating, optical, petrochemical industry, new energy. Product attributes: wearing comfortable soft and durable. Low dust, low dust, low dust, antistatic, high temperature resistant. Product color fastness, dry grinding: 3-4, wet milling: 2-3, resistance to chlorine bleaching: 2-3.5 on the Richter scale, perspiration: 4-5 grade, soaping: 3-4, white cloth dipped in color: 4-5, light (the sun) : 4, the above data conforms to the national standard of CB/T411-93 standard, ITS detection. Use level: 10 grade, 100 grade, 1000 grade, 10000 grade, 100000 grade, according to the requirement of the production environment.
  • ZE-A129
  • ZE-A134
  • ZE-A139--ZE-A140
  • ZE-A146
Company quality management system
Choose environmental protection standard of textile printing and dyeing workshop, the production order according to the contract
Woven gb grade a or American standard four point as grade a grey cloth
Professional and technical personnel all-the-way tracking, recording, monitoring
The physical indexes finished product large sample test
Check into a library
After-sales service, consulting
Lab according to the inspection report
"D by the way, I know you more "
Quality raw materials, keep improving the production process design, reasonable and practical function, our medical clothing brand named as "well", used to know, understand and appreciate the mentality to cheng has, on the basis of technological innovation, product innovation as the guide, customer interests first for the purpose, Mr Hui has always insisted on doing the most trustworthy and caring staff medical textile brand! Has been committed to research and development of health, environmental protection clothing as own duty, help the hospital to build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, adhering to the efforts for human health concept, adhere to the people-oriented, make new contributions to human health.